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Bounced Email Log

How to track guest emails that bounce

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Lodgix provides a dashboard widget to track bounced emails . This identifies emails that were not delivered, providing the opportunity for alternate communication. Tracking works for triggers sent to guests and messages sent using the guest control panel and invoice screen, including payment requests and digital signature requests.

Add the Guest Email Bounces Widget to the Lodgix Dashboard

Look for this "+" button at the bottom of the Lodgix dashboard:

Click the "Add Widget" button to add a new widget to the tab:

Bounced email activity will be displayed in the Guest Email Bounces table

Emails that are Tracked

  1. Triggers sent to guests

  2. Emails sent from the Communications Tab of the Guest Control Panel

  3. Emails sent from the Invoice screen

  4. Payment Request emails

  5. Digital Signature Request emails

Emails that are not Tracked

  1. Inquiry responses

  2. Triggers sent to Employees

  3. Triggers sent to Owners

  4. CC and BCC fields in any email

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