Guests that book through your Lodgix booking page can be required to digitally sign your rental agreement at the time of booking. However if the booking originates from HomeAway or Airbnb there will be no signed rental agreement. For those bookings, the triggers system can be used to automatically follow up with the guest post booking to view and sign the rental agreement. Lodgix offers a trigger that automatically detects invoices without a signed rental agreement and sends out a preset signature request to the guest.

Trigger for HomeAway Bookings Only

To configure a trigger that requests a guest to sign a rental agreement for HomeAway reservations only, use the follow conditions:

"Invoice Status Changed To Unconfirmed"

"Rental Agreement Equal To Not Signed"

Don't apply the trigger to the following channels: Expedia,, Airbnb, Lodgix. The Lodgix channel includes any bookings entered online through your bookings pages, or manually entered into the system by you.

The only reason you might want to exclude certain channels is if your rental agreement contains rate specific data in it, which could vary from channel to channel. Or perhaps you have different rental agreements depending on the channel. In an era where property managers are now expending to many different channels, we always advise to keep your rates, fees and rental agreements as simple as possible to assure that only one rental agreement is needed and can be easily used across all channels.

Finally, add the [DS_SIGN_LINK] merge tag to the body of the trigger email to include a link to digitally sign the document.

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