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Payment Request Trigger

Send an automated email to your guests requesting final payment

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If you prefer to have your guests pay their final balance themselves (rather than processing a charge to the credit card on file) you can configure a payment request trigger to fire automatically when the final balance is due.

Set Trigger Conditions

  1. Name the trigger

  2. Set the "Arrival Date will be Equal To" condition to the day you require final payment. In this example the subscriber requires final payment 30 days prior to arrival, so we have the condition set to 30 days.

  3. Require that the invoice status is equal to confirmed. This ensures that the trigger will not fire for a reservation that is Paid in Full.

Optionally Exclude Channels or Properties

It might be desirable to limit the trigger to certain properties (default = Send For All) or to exclude certain channels (default = Send For All). For example, Airbnb collects payment from the guest so it would be confusing to send a payment request to an Airbnb guest.

Send Email to the Guest

  1. The recipient will be the Guest

  2. Send an Email

  3. Enter a subject for the email.

  4. Configure the body of the email, using the [PAYMENT_REQUEST_LINK] merge tag to insert a link to the payment portal. Note if you send a test trigger to yourself, the payment request link will not be populated.

  5. Use the [PAYMENT_REQUEST_AMOUNT] merge tag to include the final balance payment amount.

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