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Manually Requesting a Payment from a Guest
Manually Requesting a Payment from a Guest

How to send an email to a guest requesting a remaining balance payment

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Manually requesting a payment from a guest is useful for reservations that do not have any credit card details on file, guests who are splitting the cost of the reservation among several people, or situations where the guest wants to pay their balance with a different card than they used for their initial payment.

Configure the Payment Request Email

If this is your first time sending a payment request email, then you might want to edit the Payment Request email template which can be found under Settings > Templates > Email.  

Edit the text of the template and save.

The [PAYMENT_REQUEST_LINK] merge tag can be used in any email template. Note that when composing an email in the guest control panel, the merge tags for [PAYMENT_REQUEST_LINK] and [PAYMENT_REQUEST_AMOUNT] are not replaced in the preview. They will be replaced in the resulting email though. This is because a payment request does not exist yet when composing email. It is created immediately before sending the email.

Request Payment from the Guest

From the Transactions tab of the guest control panel, click the Request Payment button.

Fill in the Payment Request amount form and click send.

This request will be recorded in the Correspondence tab of the guest control panel.

What the Guest Sees

The guest will receive an email containing a link to the payment form where they will enter their credit card details...

The link will take the guest to the payment interface...

Once payment has been submitted, a thank you page will be displayed. The guest will be offered travel insurance if they have not already purchased it. Their payment will be reflected in the Transactions tab of the Guest Control Panel for that reservation...

Link Expiration

Note that payment request links will no longer work (they will return 404 errors) if they have already been paid. Additionally, links will expire after 30 days.


You will be notified by email when a guest has submitted a payment from a payment request. The email is simple and contains the following information:

Payment Date:
Invoice Number:
Guest Name:
Invoice ID:
Property Name:

Payment generated from a payment request sent on ____________

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