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Rental Agreements, Digital Signatures

Setup your rental agreements, assign them to properties, and collect digital signatures.

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Lodgix provides several default templates, including a rental agreement. The templates can be accessed from Settings > Templates > Documents.

Setup Your Rental Agreement

  1. Create a new Rental Agreement template OR

  2. Edit an existing template

  3. If you have multiple rental agreements, choose which one will be the default.

Editing the Template

A WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor is used to customize the content of your Rental Agreement. Your Rental Agreement consists of static content that you can type or paste directly into the editor, and merge tags that pull dynamic content from the system.

  1. Make sure the "Type" is set to Rental Agreement

  2. Select merge tags from the dropdown to dynamically display information stored in Lodgix in the agreement. This can include company, guest, property, or reservation specific information.

  3. If requiring digital signatures, make sure the [DS_GUEST_SIGNATURE] tag is added to the end of the document.

A few tips about adding content to your template...

  1. In general text from Microsoft Word can be cut / paste directly into the editor. However, at times formatting from Word will carry over and can affect the appearance of your template. If that happens, copy the contents to a text editor first like Notepad and then copy / paste into the template. That will assure a clean import.

  2. The "Source" button will show you the actual source formatting code. If you are experiencing issues with formatting many times digging into the source will help you delete unnecessary formatting.

  3. The [CLOGO] merge tag will display your logo in the template, if a logo has been uploaded within the Important Settings area of Lodgix.

Working with Merge Tags

You can use merge tags to pull data directly from the database to populate the templates. Merge tags can pull Company, Guest, Property, and Reservation specific information and dynamically insert it into your template. For example, you can insert the name of the guest into the document using the [GUESTFIRSTNAME][GUESTLASTNAME] merge tags.

Each merge tag has a short description to aid in finding the correct merge tag to use for your template. If you can't determine which merge tag is the correct one, a good way to test is to choose a merge tag, save the template and then generate a test pdf or go to an invoice and generate a live PDF to determine whether the PDF output is what you require.

Assign Different Rental Agreements to Different Properties

You can create multiple rental agreements and assign them to different properties by clicking on the Rental Agreements Setup tab under Settings > Templates > Documents. Simply select the correct rental agreement from the dropdown for each property.

Require Digital Signatures

Lodgix offers a completely integrated, online, legally enforceable, document signing solution. You can require that your Rental Agreements be signed during the booking process, or send guests a link to sign them post booking. A thorough explanation of the Digital Signatures feature can be found here.

Enable Digital Signatures

You can enable digital signatures on your account from Settings > Digital Signatures.

Add Digital Signature Merge Tag to Your Rental Agreement

You need to add the [DS_GUEST_SIGNATURE] to your rental agreement(s) to allow them to be signed digitally. That's it, you're ready to accept digital signatures!

What the Guest Sees When Booking Online

When making an online booking, the guest will be prompted to sign the rental agreement. Once it is signed and the booking is completed, a copy of the signed rental agreement will be emailed to the guest and saved within Lodgix.

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