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Staylio Authentication, Marketing & Analytics
Staylio Authentication, Marketing & Analytics

Details about how guests can access the Staylio guest app.

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Magic Links

Staylio uses magic links to authenticate guests within the app. Magic links are a simple and secure way to grant users access to the Staylio guest app. There is no need to remember complicated passwords. Magic links also provide a seamless and easy way for guests to download and login with one click.

When a magic link is clicked, it will take the guest to the Staylio app (if downloaded) and automatically log the user in. If Staylio has not been downloaded, it will take the guest to the App Store, where Staylio can be downloaded. Once it is opened, it will automatically log the user in. The authentication from the magic link will survive the download process.

Magic links can be sent to guests in multiple forms, such as a QR code or a URL link. Below are a couple of ways guests can get access to the Staylio guest app.

Online Booking

When making a direct online booking, Lodgix will market the Staylio guest app using a magic link QR code and regular links to both app stores. This can be disabled within the Booking Page Editor within Lodgix here.

Booking Confirmation

The "Booking Notification" trigger is sent to guests right after a booking occurs and can be edited within the triggers menu. It is recommended to use the [STAYLIO_APP] merge tag, but any merge tag can be used. The image below uses the new [BOOKING_SUMMARY] merge tag along with the [STAYLIO_APP] merge tag.

Merge Tags

There are a couple merge tags available to use within Lodgix to help market and share information about the Staylio guest app with your guests.

  • [STAYLIO_APP] - Will display a standard template made by Lodgix shown below.

  • [GUEST_MAGIC_LINK] - Will generate a magic link valid for 12 hours.

  • [GUEST_MAGIC_LINK_QR] - Will generate a QR code valid for 12 hours.

Note: If multiple magic link merge tags are sent, it will invalidate any previous magic links sent. Only one magic link can be valid at a time.

Staylio Trigger Condition

A new trigger condition, "Staylio Guest App," is available for the "Only Send Trigger If" section. This new condition will require that the guest have the Staylio Guest App installed or not installed before the trigger is fired.

This trigger can be combined with events such as an invoice being created so that if the guest does not have the Staylio Guest App installed, a trigger can fire, alerting them that the app is available.

Staylio App Login

Lastly, in the Staylio guest app, guests can enter their email and invoice number to authenticate. The email must be the email that was used to create a reservation. If a valid email and invoice number are entered, then an email will be sent to the guest's email, which will contain a magic link.

Staylio Analytics

Staylio Install Base Widget

The Staylio Install Base widget is available within the dashboard and displays the current install base for your guests. It breaks down the guests by booking method: Lodgix, Airbnb, VRBO, and NextPax.

  • Note: The chart will only display guests that have made a reservation or used the Staylio app after July 16, 2024, when the Staylio Install Base widget was made available.

Staylio Adoption Rate Widget

The Staylio Adoption Rate widget, accessible from the dashboard, visualizes the app's install base over time, categorized by booking methods such as Lodgix, Airbnb, VRBO, and NextPax.

  • Note: This chart includes data starting on July 16, 2024, coinciding with the introduction of the Staylio Install Base widget. Data prior to July 16, 2024, is not available.

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