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Property Details

Information on how property details are displayed in Staylio.

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Staylio allows guests to view many different aspects of their property. All property information displayed in Staylio comes from the property details page in Lodgix for each property. It is important to keep property data in Lodgix up-to-date for the best guest experience.

Property Images

Images for each property will be displayed within a slider, allowing guests to view each image. Property images that are shown in Staylio are located under the Gallery tab for each property in Lodgix.


Property descriptions allow guests to get more information about the property. This text is the same description that is set within Lodgix for each property under the description field in the details tap in the property settings.


The address section will display a map view of the location of the property, along with the address of the property at the bottom. The map view is only available if latitude and longitude coordinates are given for the property; otherwise, it will only display the written address.

There is also an "Open in Maps" button, and when tapped, it will ask the user which map app they would like to use. On iOS devices, it will suggest Apple Maps or Google Maps, and on Android devices, it will suggest Google Maps. We are looking to add more map suggestions in the future.

The address that is being displayed in Staylio is the same address that is in Lodgix under the Address tab in the property settings.

Wi-Fi Details

The Wi-Fi name and password for the property can be displayed in the Staylio guest app. The Wi-Fi details are connected to each property and can be edited in Lodgix under the Details tab in the property settings.

Door Codes

The ability to display door codes within Staylio requires using door lock integration. Read more about door lock integration available within Lodgix here. Once a door lock integration has been setup with a property, the door codes generated for a reservation will be displayed in Staylio. Settings for when codes are generated can be set in Lodgix.

If a property has no door lock integration or if a code has not been generated yet, this card will not be visible under property details.

Occupancy Details

Will display the number of adults, children, and pets that are included in the invoice.


Will display information about each room. This information is set up within Lodgix under the Details tab.

If a room does not have any information filled out, it will not be displayed in the Staylio app.

Custom Property Variables

Custom property variables can be displayed on the property page within the Staylio app. To learn more about custom property variables check this article out:

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