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Configure general information about your properties

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Add basic information about your property, bedroom configurations, etc. This information will be used to build your listings on your website and across all channels.


  1. Property Name: You can use this as the title of your listings, or use the property name as an internal identifier and instead use the marketing title for your listings.

  2. Marketing Title: You can choose to use this instead of the property name for your listing titles. This can be set per channel.

  3. Property Type: House, condo, etc.

  4. Size of the property

  5. Marketing Teaser: This is used on the search results screens on some channels.

  6. Description: The main property description that is used across all channels.

  7. Additional Info: This is used only on your website, if using the Lodgix WordPress plugin. HTML is not allowed in the property description that is sent to the channels, so we append this field to the description on your website... allowing you to add HTML to the listings on your website.

  8. Arrival and Departure times

  9. Booking Widget: This allows you to choose on a per property basis if you want to accept online bookings, show availability only, or neither.

  10. Property URL: This is used on the booking calendars, to link to your property for additional information. If using the WordPress plugin, you can pull the property URLs into the system automatically after creating the properties on the website.

  11. Tags: Tags can be used to filter and group properties on your website. More information can be found in this article.


Set the maximum number of guests that can stay at the property, the number of bedrooms and baths, and configure the bed setup for each bedroom.

Post Booking Details

Information that is provided to your guests post booking. These details are passed to Airbnb, and can also be referenced in your communication from Lodgix using merge tags.

Check Out Tasks

Instructions for your guests to follow at checkout. These are passed to Airbnb.

Expectations for Guests

Additional information that is provided for your Airbnb guests.

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