Guide to using PointCentral locks with Lodgix

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Lodgix has integrated to PointCentral to facilitate the dynamic generation of lock codes. The lock codes can be referenced in communications with your guests and staff.

If you have an existing PointCentral account, you can login to the PointCentral Knowledge Base to access a guide that PointCentral has provided to aid with the integration:


Go to Properties > Door Locks

Choose Lock Provider - PointCentral

Login to PointCentral

Fetching Existing PointCentral Properties

  1. Choose how long prior to guest arrival the door lock codes should be generated (default is one week). "Never" is also an option, which would require manual code generation from within the guest control panel.

Fetch Properties from PointCentral (existing PointCentral users only)

  1. To fetch all "PointCentral Properties" and match them to "Lodgix Properties" click the "Fetch properties" button.

  2. Edit the fetched properties and match each property to a Lodgix property.

When logging in to PointCentral, it fetches properties from PointCentral and attempts to match them with Lodgix properties by name. If matching names are found, properties are associated automatically. Associations can then be edited manually. The process can be repeated using the "Fetch properties" button, however any manual associations will remain.

Invoice Door Code Generation

Door Code field is located within the guest control panel, under the Details tab for each invoice. The code will be dynamically generated if you've set it to dynamically generate at X of days / weeks before arrival. Otherwise there will be a GENERATE link located here to manually generate the door code.

Door Code Merge Tag

Insert the merge tag [DOOR_CODE] wherever you want to the code to appear in your email, pdf or trigger templates.

Door Code Log Report

The Door Code Log Report shows a running log of all door codes issued for each invoice.

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