Lodgix has integrated to RemoteLock to facilitate the dynamic generation of lock codes. The lock codes are generated with each reservation and can be referenced in communications with your guests and staff. RemoteLock offers both wifi locks and algorithmic locks.

There are some differences between wifi lock codes and algorithmic lock codes:

Wifi lock codes are 4 digit numbers randomly generated on Lodgix using a cryptographically secure pseudo random number generator. They are transferred to the RemoteLock server and then to the physical locks via wifi.

Algorithmic lock codes are 10 digit numbers generated on the RemoteLock server using a special algorithm that use the access start and end times as parameters. The same algorithm is integrated withn the physical locks to check codes.

  • If the access period (check-in time, arrival date, etc..) is changed via the Lodgix reservation control panel, the 4 digit wifi code will not change. however the 10 digit algorithmic code will change because the code itself is dependent on the access period.


Go to Properties > Door Locks

Choose Lock Provider - RemoteLock / ResortLock

Enter your existing RemoteLock credentials or Create a New Account.

New Accounts Read This, Existing Accounts Scroll Down

All RemoteLocks require a paid subscription. Choose the least expensive option and signup!

Existing Accounts

Map Lock to Lodgix Property

All that is required to start generating door access codes is to map the RemoteLock to a Lodgix property.


  1. Choose how long prior to guest arrival the door lock codes should be generated (default is one week). "Never" is also an option, which would require manual code generation from within the guest control panel.

  2. Setting an offset time will allow for early check-ins and late check-outs without requiring any changes to the official check-in and check-out times on the reservation.

Invoice Door Code Generation

The Door Code field is located within the guest control panel, under the Door Locks tab for each invoice. The code will be dynamically generated if you've set it to dynamically generate at X of days / weeks before arrival. Otherwise there will be a GENERATE link located here to manually generate the door code.

For algorithmic locks (RL-2000, etc.), if the Check In or Check Out time is manually changed, the door code will be regenerated. For wifi locks the code will not change.

Door Code Merge Tag

Insert the merge tag [DOOR_CODE] wherever you want to the code to appear in your email, pdf or trigger templates.

Door Code Log Report

The Door Code Log Report shows a running log of all door codes issued for each invoice.

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