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Kaba (now dormaKaba)

Guide to using Kaba locks with Lodgix

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Lodgix has integrated to Kaba to facilitate the dynamic generation of lock codes. The lock codes can be referenced in dynamic communications with your guests and staff.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kaba/Oracode integration requires your Kaba account to be in PM mode (10+ locks required). If you don't have that many, this integration won't work for you.

More information on the Kaba lock systems for vacation rentals can be found here:


Go to Properties > Door Locks

Choose Lock Provider - Kaba

Enable the account and login to your existing Kaba account.

Kaba Site Name

The Site Name field might be a bit confusing for those PMs who are used to logging in to Kaba here:

That interface only requires a username and password.

Where to find your Kaba Site Name

The Site Name can be found within Kaba, within the Access Code Generation are of Kaba. There is a pull down where you can select the site name. Use that exact Site Name when setting up the Kaba site name within Lodgix.


Fetching Existing Kaba Doors

  1. Choose how long prior to guest arrival the door lock codes should be generated (default is one week). "Never" is also an option, which would require manual code generation from within the guest control panel.

Fetch Doors from Kaba

  1. To fetch all "Kaba Doors" and match them to "Lodgix Properties" click the "Fetch Kaba Doors" button.

  2. Edit the Kaba Doors and match each door to a Lodgix property.

Fetch Properties from Lodgix

  1. If new properties are added to Lodgix, use the Fetch Lodgix Properties button to update the list of available Lodgix Properties.

Assigning Default Kaba Users to Kaba Doors

Kaba differs from other lock providers in that check-in and check-out times can’t be specified when generating access codes. Instead Kaba has predefined users with access rules. On the door lock settings page property owners can associate Lodgix properties with Kaba doors and users.

When assigning a default Kaba user to a Kaba door, you will see the following options:

Guest RCI 14h-14h

Guest ECI 11h-11h

RCI = Regular check-in which means that the locks will grant access at 14:00 (2 pm) and after the day the guest is set to check-in and refuse access after 12 pm on the day the guest is set to check-out.

ECI = Early check-in which means that the locks will grant access at 13:00 (1 pm) and after the day the guest is set to check-in and refuse access after 12 pm the day the guest is set to check-out.

The default Kaba user can be changed for each reservation within the guest control panel. This is useful when the guest has requested an early arrival.

For example, default check-in time for the door is 2PM, but guest is arriving earlier at 11AM. To generate new code, go to control panel, set Kaba User to the user with access starting from 11AM, and click on Update link.

Invoice Door Code Generation

Door Code field is located within the guest control panel, under the Details tab for each invoice. The code will be dynamically generated if you've set it to dynamically generate at X of days / weeks before arrival. Otherwise there will be a GENERATE link located here to manually generate the door code.

The type of kaba user (GUEST RCI or GUEST ECI) can be changed. The UPDATE link mus tbe used to update the door code.

Door Code Merge Tag

Insert the merge tag [DOOR_CODE] wherever you want to the code to appear in your email, pdf or trigger templates.

Door Code Log Report

The Door Code Log Report shows a running log of all door codes issued for each invoice.

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