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Sending a Website Inquiry into Lodgix v2.0
Sending a Website Inquiry into Lodgix v2.0

Using our form to have guest inquiries flow into the Lodgix inquiry control panel

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The plug-in contains a shortcode


that when inserted into a Contact page will result in a form that can be used by guests to submit an inquiry on a property.

That inquiry will flow directly into Lodgix using our messaging API which triggers a notification to be sent via email to whomever is set up to receive inquiry notifications within Lodgix.

The shortcode was added to a new page using the WordPress block editor.

The resulting page can be viewed here:

The form contains fields that are populated with your property data:

Once the form is submitted, a confirmation is displayed to the guest, an email notification is sent out to you and the inquiry is logged within the inquiry control panel in Lodgix.

NOTE: When using Elementor

Elementor does not play nice with forms derived from short codes. This problem exists for any form based plugin, even Gravity Form shortcodes have display issues when using Elementor.

To alleviate that problem, we create a "inquiry widget" for use within Elementor:

Simply find the widget and drag / drop the widget on the page where the form should appear.

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