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Plugin Overview & Requirements

Brief overview of how the Lodgix Wordpress plugin makes building an integrated website super fast and easy.

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The video below will offer a brief seven (7) minute intro to v2 of the Lodgix website builder plugin:

Let's review some of the great features of version 2.0 of the Lodgix Wordpress plugin:

  • Mobile friendly. All plugin output will display great on mobile devices.

  • Sync'd with Lodgix. 100% sync'd with your Lodgix property inventory.

  • Widgets. Included are two configurable widgets that can be placed virtually anywhere to highlight and query Lodgix inventory.

  • Plays nice with Wordpress Blocks, Beaver Builder, Divi and Elementor.

  • Design Flexibility. Any developer knowledgeable in CSS can style all plugin components with ease. Additionally, there are many styling and function options within the plugin for those customers without a developer.

  • Super fast. Search queries and page generation times should be incredibly fast provided the website has a hosting plan with sufficient resources for the number of properties in your inventory.

THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION TO LODGIX.COM. To view pricing and sign-up for a free 30 day trial, please visit:

Within the plug-in we've supplied credentials to a Lodgix demo account. Using the demo credentials you can activate the plugin and immediately see how the plug-in would work and look in your Wordpress site without having a Lodgix account.


Compatible host. There are three hosting platforms that on occasion do not work well with the Lodgix plugin, WPEngine, BlueHost and  Depending on the hosting package, these hosting plans can have limitations placed on them which will cause the Lodgix plugin to not work well - or at all.

Lodgix will not investigate, research or diagnose hosting related issues when hosted on WPEngine or Bluehost. It is far less expensive to migrate your site to a host that has proven to work well with Lodgix. Using a plugin like BackupBuddy or many others, a site can be migrated in 15 minutes to a new host. is not a commercial hosting platform. They do not allow changes to php.ini or changes to your version of PHP. Their plans typically only have enough resources for accounts with 10 properties or less.

An example of an economical shared, web hosting plan that works great with the Lodgix plugin is the Smart VPS plan by

Hosting requirements:

  1. Running PHP 7.4 or higher.

  2. MySQL 8 is recommended for new sites.

  3. For accounts with 15 or more properties, 1GB of dedicated ram.

PHP memory limit



It is recommended that you use a low overhead, simple, lightweight theme when developing a website to be used with the Lodgix plugin. Real estate or vacation rental specific themes are not necessary. Those types of themes tend to be very bloated and slow. They also contain many features such as calendars and listing widgets that are already being handled by the Lodgix plugin.

We also strongly recommend that you DO NOT use any type of minification plugin, such as...

  • Jetpack Boost

  • WP Super Minify

  • Smush

  • Hummingbird

Use of these plugins should not be necessary unless you are using a bloated theme or inadequate web hosting package.








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