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How Do I Embed a Single Property Calendar?
How Do I Embed a Single Property Calendar?

Instructions for placing a single property calendar into a website

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For websites that are developed in WordPress we recommend using the WordPRess plugin for syncing inventory and availability, and creating booking calendars on the site. For non-WordPress websites, booking calendars can be embedded directly into the site as explained below.

Settings > Booking Calendar Settings

Calendar Settings

  1. Click the Single Property Calendar tab.

  2. Choose your desired property.

  3. Configure the settings for the calendar in the left column. These include styling and functionality settings.

  4. Click the Save button

Embed Code

Copy the embed code and paste it into the desired location on your site.

Important point to remember: Any settings you choose and save here will immediately be reflected wherever your calendar is displayed. You only need to copy / paste the embed code once into your website or blog. Any changes made after that will be immediately reflected on your calendar.

Video Overview of the Single Property Calendar

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