Lodgix.com always offers the choice of two calendars. You may choose the multi-property calendar and the single property calendar. Embedding a single property calendar into your website is super easy. Generating and linking a specific URL for a specific single unit booking calendar is also quite easy, but requires a little work. The steps are detailed below.

Obtaining the Booking URL for a Single Property

Step #1: Click on the Book Now Banners menu item

Step #2: Click on the "+" sign to generate a new banner

Step #3: Go through the 4 step wizard to create a banner, clicking on the "Next" button after completing each step.

Step #4: When choosing your banner, choose the last item "Banner (text)" and then click "Next"

Steps #6-8: Choose the "Single Property Booking Calendar" and then choose the property of interest from the drop down and finally click "Next" to continue

In the final step you will have to pull the booking URL out of the HTML booking code. In the example above, the booking URL is: https://www.lodgix.com/rosewoodpointe/?rental_property=1

If you click on that link it will open a booking page on Lodgix.com and ONLY display the single unit calendar for that property.

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