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Apply Triggers to Specific Properties
Apply Triggers to Specific Properties

Include or Exclude specific properties from your triggers

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Sometimes a trigger does not apply to all of your properties. You can set the trigger to include or exclude a property or group of properties.

Note that this feature should be used sparingly and it is not recommended that you setup a trigger for each individual property. It is possible to send property specific information from a single trigger by using Custom Property Variables.

Send for Properties

This section allows you to include or exclude certain properties...

Choose Method of Identifying Properties

  • Only Send: Allows you to apply the trigger to only specific properties.

  • Do Not Send: Allows you to exclude specific properties from the trigger.

  • Send for All: This is the default option and will send the trigger to all properties.

Select Properties

If you have selected "Only Send" or "Do Not Send" you must specify which properties to include / exclude from the trigger.

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