Lodgix has integrated directly to the HomeAway network of properties (including 17 international sites). An integration means that all single unit properties created on Lodgix can have listings created, calendars sync'd, inquiries pulled and Book It Now enabled, on any HomeAway site.


There are many benefits when integrating directly to HomeAway.

  1. No dual entry. Property setup data entered into Lodgix is used to create listings on HomeAway / VRBO and all domestic and international listing portals owned by HomeAway.
  2. Easy calendar sync. Calendar data can be sync'd two ways, from Lodgix to HomeAway and by using the Book it Now feature on HomeAway, reservations can be made on HomeAway and transferred into Lodgix.
  3. Automated updating. Every time you update your property on Lodgix with new rates, images, marketing data, etc. that data is sync'd with your HomeAway / VRBO listing automatically once per day (2am EST)
  4. Book it Now integration. A guest can book online in HomeAway / VRBO using Lodgix rate data. Bookings made on HomeAway / VRBO will transfer seamlessly into Lodgix.
  5. No additional costs. Whether you have existing listings or are starting from scratch, there are no additional costs from Lodgix or HomeAway for utilizing the integration.

Important Notes about Integration

HomeAway does not support the following...

  1. Weekly Rates
  2. Monthly Rates
  3. Same Day Bookings
  4. Optional Fees
  5. Currencies other than 'AUD', 'CAD', 'EUR', 'GBP', 'NZD', 'USD'


All automatic discounts configured in Lodgix are sent to HomeAway. This includes Last Minute Discounts, Length of Stay Discounts, and automatic Promotion Discounts.

Length of Stay discounts must be used to offer any sort of discounts to HomeAway guests staying seven nights or more. Please make sure when setting up length of stay discounts that they are not applied to weekly rates. That will allow current weekly rates setup in Lodgix to work for those channels that continue to support weekly rates.

Please see the following article for instructions: Length of Stay Discounts

Integration Instructions

The first step is to navigate to the Settings > Integrations screen and click on the HomeAway Network tab.

  1. Next choose which listings you want to send to HomeAway. Whether the listings will be new or simply replacing existing listings, ALL PROPERTIES THAT YOU WANT TO SYNC WITH HOMEAWAY MUST BE CHECKED!

At 2am EST each night HomeAway pulls the feed containing your listing data. From that feed, listings are either created, edited or removed.

Once you've selected the properties to appear in the feed, the next step is to contact HomeAway via the following form...


HomeAway will assign an onboarding coordinator to map your existing listings to the properties in the Lodgix feed, or in the case of completely new listings, will preview the listings to assure the data is displaying as you expected and point out any shortcomings that can be corrected within Lodgix. You will then work with an account manager to pay for your listings.

Instant Booking

You have the option to use Instant Booking or Online Booking with 24 Hour Review (Book it Now). Travelers prefer a property that’s instantly bookable. HomeAway has a specific filter which many guests use for properties that use Instant Book. Without instant booking enabled your properties will not appear in those results.

Within Lodgix, there is no difference between the two options as all the processes typically required to confirm an invoice (reservation deposit payment, signed rental agreement, etc..) would still have to be completed. You can still cancel Instant Bookings, but it could very negatively impact your sort order as that factors into Homeaway's sort order algorithm.

Likewise however, if the vast majority of your instant bookings remain as valid bookings, then you will probably notice both a bump in Best Match and a bump as a result of offering Instant Booking as it's a filterable item. Additionally, Instant Book listings have higher conversions which would positively impact your sort order.

  1. Rate / Rules Export Period. Set how far in advance your property will be bookable on HomeAway. Options range from 6 months to 3 years.
  2. Booking Lead Time is a setting from 0 to 10 days. This setting helps prevent bookings too close the arrival date.
  3. Generic Rental Agreement. HomeAway displays a text link for "Rental Agreement" during the booking process, whatever is entered here will display when that link is clicked. Hint: Keep it short and sweet, as the actual rental agreement can be used after the fact to spell out the specific terms.

4. Custom House Rules

You can enter custom house rules for your HomeAway listings. House Rules are explained here: https://help.homeaway.com/articles/What-are-House-Rules

Cancellation Policies

Select your HomeAway cancellation policy for each property. These options are explained here: https://help.homeaway.com/articles/What-are-the-cancellation-policy-options

Lodgix Property IDs

For Lodgix subscribers with existing listings on HomeAway site(s), those listings will need to be mapped to properties setup within Lodgix which will require your Lodgix property IDs. Your Lodgix property IDs can be found from Settings > Integrations > HomeAway Network.

Calendar Data Sync Times

HomeAway pulls the Lodgix feed according to the schedule below:

3am CST primary feed pulled (includes reservation data)

8am CST Reservation feed pulled

Noon CST Reservation feed pulled

4 pm CST Reservation Feed pulled

8pm CST Reservation Feed pulled

11pm CST Reservation Feed pulled

Owner Detail Fields

There are a few fields within Lodgix that need to be populated for a HomeAway listing to have that data shown once the integration is complete. Existing HomeAway listings that already contain this information will be overwritten with Lodgix data, so it's best to copy and paste that information before the integration goes live.

Owner Details

HomeAway has some "feel good" fields where the owner of the property can provide some details on when they bought the property, why they brought the property and some information about themselves. These fields are found within the Address tab of property setup for each property.

Nearby Places and Activities

HomeAway provides some fields to enter distances to various locations and activities. Those fields are found within the Address tab of property setup for each property.

Book It Now Rental Agreement Requirement

A dynamic rental agreement must be setup with Lodgix if you are using the HomeAway Book it Now functionality You can define and setup your rental agreement from Settings > Documents

This rental agreement will be displayed to the guest at HomeAway when using Book It Now. However most property managers will continue to require that the rental agreement be digitally signed after HomeAway transfer the guest reservation, payment and contact data into Lodgix.

Existing Reservations on Homeaway and VRBO

Once your account is integrated with Homeaway / VRBO, Lodgix will become the system of record. Before you are integrated, be sure to recreate all existing reservations in your Lodgix account, or sync calendar blocks via iCal. All existing information on HomeAway will be overwritten at the time of integration.

If you have any pending payments in HomeAway, you will be able to complete them in your dashboard but any new bookings will be managed in Lodgix.

HomeAway Service Fees

When a guest books through Homeaway, the guest will still be charged the service fee. This is collected by Homeaway from the guest in a separate charge at the time of booking. You are only responsible for collecting the rental charges, and the service fee will not be included on the invoice.

For pay per booking listings, Homeaway will bill you once per month for their percentage of any bookings resulting from these listings.

HomeAway Price Consistency (Guaranteed Pricing)

Please reference the following discovery hub article at HomeAway for more information:


Older accounts still have access to the "quoted" method of pricing.   To switch to price consisitency / guaranteed pricing, please go to the HomeAway integration page in Lodgix and switch your listing pricing policy from "quoted" to "guaranteed":

When a booking is made on HomeAway using price consistency,, that booking is placed into Lodgix.   However if pricing from HomeAway differs from what is setup on Lodgix, a "HomeAway Pricing Adj" fee will be present on the Lodgix invoice.

That adjustment, if present, will usually be just pennies, resulting from different ways in which the two systems round, etc..   However if that number becomes significant, it means there is a difference in taxing or percent of rent fees.

For example, if you have a fee that is not taxable, like a cleaning fee, and you choose to collect the cleaning fee "at the time the reservation is made", then HomeAway will collect tax on that fee, as their systems can't collect tax on some items and not on others, it's all or nothing.   The result will be that HomeAway will collect more tax that what is owed and the Lodgix invoice will be short, requiring the addition of the HomeAway adjustment fee.

The solution would be to tell HomeAway that the cleaning fee will be collected at the "payment of the remaining balance", which is collected by you, and not homeaway and can flow through Lodgix correctly.

HomeAway Special Offers

Once integrated with HomeAway, there is no way to send a Special Offer to a guest. It is not supported by the API, and the ability to send it through the HomeAway dashboard no longer functions once integrated. The only option would be to issue a refund/price adjustment to the guest post-booking.

City Registrations

City registrations are sometimes required in areas where the municipality is mandating that all VR managers / owners register their property and display the license id on all listing sites. The City Registration field on the Property Details screen in Lodgix will sync with VRBO.

Adding New Listings to HomeAway AFTER Integration

Once new properties are entered into Lodgix AND they are selected to appear in the HomeAway feed on this page:


The listings will feed over to HomeAway over night and be in your dashboard the next morning.

Click on the See Properties list:

..then click on the Unassigned Tab. From there you will find all properties that require activation. Click "Switch to Subscription" for each property that you wish to activate. This will take you through the payment flow.

If the listing meets Minimum Content standards then it should go live within a few hours at most. If the listing is missing any info then it would show as INCOMPLETE and you will need to fill in the missing info in Lodgix to go live.

HomeAway Contacts

HomeAway requires that you fill out the following form to setup an integration with them...


They will then assign you an integration specialist and account manager, who will assist you with any issues you have moving forward. If you are in need of an account manager call 877-238-3813. If you have existing HomeAway or VRBO listings, have those numbers handy.

Please have your Lodgix User ID handy when contacting HomeAway. HomeAway will need your Lodgix User ID to identify your properties in the feed. Your Lodgix User ID can be found from the Settings > Important Settings screen.

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