Before integrating with a channel, you must have your properties setup in Lodgix. Your listings should include descriptions, rates, and images. Your reservation and security deposits need to be configured, as well as your taxes, fees, and services. Finally, you must have a payment gateway setup to accept payments online. If you have not yet completed these steps please reference the Getting Started section of the user manual before proceeding.

Channel integrations can be managed from Settings > Integrations within Lodgix. Each channel that we offer an integration with functions differently. Below you will find a brief description of the process for each, as well as links to more detailed integration instructions.

HomeAway / VRBO

There are many benefits when integrating directly to HomeAway. Our full HomeAway documentation can be viewed here: HomeAway / VRBO Integration

  1. No dual entry. Property setup data entered into Lodgix is used to create listings on HomeAway / VRBO and all domestic and international listing portals owned by HomeAway.
  2. Easy calendar sync. Calendar data can be sync'd two ways, from Lodgix to HomeAway and by using the Book it Now feature on HomeAway, reservations can be made on HomeAway and transferred into Lodgix.
  3. Automated updating. Every time you update your property on Lodgix with new rates, images, marketing data, etc. that data is sync'd with your HomeAway / VRBO listing automatically once per day (2am EST)
  4. Book it Now integration. A guest can obtain quotes and book online in HomeAway / VRBO using Lodgix rate data. Bookings made on HomeAway / VRBO will transfer seamlessly into Lodgix.

Enable Feed

Under Settings > Integrations > HomeAway Network, check the box to enable your HomeAway feed. The feed can be enabled using either Instant Booking (immediate confirmation) or Online Booking with 24 hour review (allows you to accept/reject the booking).

Define various settings

  1. Rates / Rules export period. Select how far in advance to export your rates and rules.  If set to one year, guests on HomeAway will not be able to book any dates more than 360 days in advance.
  2. Booking Lead Time.   Do you support same-day bookings?  If so, set the booking lead time to zero. 
  3. Generic HomeAway Quote Rental Agreement.   Display your most important policies here.   This is more of a courtesy highlight to the HomeAway guest outlining your most important policies.
  4. Custom House Rules. You can enter custom house rules for your HomeAway listings. House Rules are explained here:

Select Listings to Include

Use Marketing Title. Select whether to use your property name or property marketing title as the title in HomeAway / VRBO.

  1. Status. This column will note if there are any missing items in your property setup that would prevent a proper sync (missing description, pictures, etc.)
  2. Enabled. Select which properties to enable in the feed.

Contact HomeAway

HomeAway requires that you fill out the following form to initiate the integration onboarding process:

They will then assign you an integration specialist and account manager, who will assist you with any issues you have moving forward. If you are in need of an account manager call 877-238-3813. If you have existing HomeAway or VRBO listings, have those numbers handy.

Please have your Lodgix User ID handy when contacting HomeAway. HomeAway will need your Lodgix User ID to identify your properties in the feed. Your Lodgix User ID can be found from the Settings > Important Settings screen within Lodgix.

FlipKey / TripAdvisor

Our integration with FlipKey and TripAdvisor will sync bookings, calendars, rates, property data, and inquiries. TripAdvisor requires you have 15 or more properties listed on their sites to participate in the feed. To setup a PM account with FlipKey please email

Please visit our complete TripAdvisor integration guide for more details. / Expedia

Our and Expedia integrations are a bit more complex than the integrations with HomeAway and VRBO. It is imperative that you have your properties and inventory settings configured correctly. You must also have a thorough understanding of how invoicing works within Lodgix. It is recommended that you have some experience working with reservations within Lodgix prior to integrating with either of these channels.

The following support articles should be read entirely prior to integrating: Integration

Expedia: Expedia Integration


You can add a Vacation Rentals tab to your Facebook page, allowing guests to search, view and book your properties directly from Facebook. Integration only takes a few minutes. Please follow the instructions in the following article: Lodgix Facebook App

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