Assessing Channel Commission to Owners

Channel fees / commissions can pass through to the owners for reimbursement via the owner statement, learn how!

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Some channels charge a commission on every booking. It's not uncommon for a property manager to require reimbursement for those channel fees from their owners. This support article illustrates how to pass through channel commissions to owners via the owner statement.

Go to Modules > Property Management

Select the owner and then navigate to the Properties tab. There you will find a setting to "Assess Channel Commissions to Owner", if set to Yes, the channel commissions will pass through to the owner statement.

Also note that when "Assess Channel Commission to Owner" is enabled, there are two new options within the Mgmt Commission calculation:

Gross less Channel Commission
Net less Channel Commission

Many property managers will inflate property rates to various channels (on Lodgix that is called a rate multiplier) in an effort to recoup the channel fees / commissions.

Choosing to have your management commissions assessed on the "Gross less Channel Commission" will remove the channel commissions from gross rental charges (which were probably already inflated due to the use of the rate multiplier).

How to Set Channel Commissions

Navigate to Settings > Channel Management > Integrations. Click the Settings button for the channel that you want to configure.

This will allow you to set a channel commission for bookings that originate from that channel.

The commission set here, will be increased by the Lodgix commissions that are assessed per channel (Airbnb and VRBO +.5%, and Expedia +2%). So if your commission is set to 15%, and Lodgix charges 2% the combined 17% commission amount will pass through to the owner via the owner statement.

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