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Lodgix can create new listings on Expedia from Lodgix property data. Reservations made on Expedia will be immediately transferred into Lodgix.

The integration process is different based on the number of properties you are onboarding to Expedia:

<5 properties - Integration would be through your VRBO rep....using the integration you might already have setup with VRBO.

6 - 19 properties - The property manager must manually build the listings on Expedia. Then Lodgix can sync rates, availability and bookings. All other items are managed by the property manager in Expedia Partner Central

20 properties and up - Lodgix can auto build everything and sync all content.

If you do not have a relationship with Expedia yet, go to https://apps.expediapartnercentral.com/ and sign up. We recommend you sign up for Expedia's Hotel Collect program instead of Expedia Collect. What's the difference? Hotel Collect means you will collect the money and they will likely offer you a 15% commission. Expedia Collect means they collect the money and they will offer you an 18% commission. We highly suggest going with Hotel Collect because it will keep the process consistent between Booking.com and Expedia.com. When signing up, make sure to ask Expedia to send Lodgix the guest's email address.

Once that is done, follow the steps below.

  1. Lodgix.com can export Availability

  2. Lodgix.com can export Minimum Stay

  3. Lodgix.com can export Closed to Arrival and Closed to Departure

  4. Lodgix.com can export Multiple Rates

  5. Lodgix.com can import Bookings

  6. Lodgix.com can import Booking Modifications and Cancellations

  7. Lodgix.com can add a multiplier to prices to convert to a different currency

  1. “Extra Person” prices cannot be exported but can still be set manually in Expedia.

  2. LOS (length of stay) pricing must be enabled within your Expedia rate plan. The pricing model that is required is the "per day pricing" model and the "Per Day Length-of- Stay Pricing" attribute must be enabled.

  3. The Expedia integration does not support multi-unit properties.


Expedia.com does NOT dynamically query the Lodgix API to generate guest quotes. They rely on a static rate table. As a result Lodgix cannot send tax, deposit or fee data to Expedia. We can only send rate and availability data to them. Therefore it is the responsibility of the property manager to setup the correct taxes and fees on each property on Expedia. This is also true for any rate multiplier setup on Lodgix, as well as any discounts or per person fees setup on Expedia.

** Using the two way sync (described below) Lodgix will create an invoice on Lodgix from any bookings that originate on Expedia. However that invoice will reflect all of the rates, fees, taxes, etc.. that exist on Lodgix and ignore what was quoted on Expedia. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ADJUST THE INVOICE TOTALS ON YOUR LODGIX.COM INVOICE TO MATCH THE INVOICE TOTALS FROM EXPEDIA.COM. **

What You Will Need

  1. An established Expedia account where we can build the listings for you.

  2. Your Expedia Quick connect username and password

  3. Your Expedia hotel id

  4. LOS (length of stay) pricing must be enabled within your Expedia rate plan. Call your Expedia Account Manager.

Enable the Expedia.com Integration within Lodgix

Within Lodgix, go to Settings > Channel Management > Integrations and select the NextPax tab. Select Expedia.com from the dropdown and agree to the terms of service.

Click the Settings button...

Configure your Channel Commission and Rates Export Period...

Commission: Enter a commission percentage to pass through to owners for bookings that originate through Expedia (optional). More information here.

Establish an Expedia Quick Connect Connection

  1. Login to www.expediapartnercentral.com, should you need help with this please reach out to hothelp@expedia.com

  2. Once logged into EPC select your hotel / property management company / property.

  3. Navigate to the the Rates and Inventory tab

  4. Select Expedia Quick Connect Settings

Select the Channel Manager

Our channel manager is NextPax, select NextPax from the dropdown, select both of the the Connectivity Options (AR, BR) and click on Submit.

AR = Availability and Rates

BR = Booking Retrieval

Await Confirmation Screen

Select the "download room and rate plan mapping"

Obtain Roomtype IDs and RatePlan IDs

If the process above doesn't work for you, try this one:

1. Log into Expedia Partner Central

2. Select the 'Rates and Inventory' Tab

3. Select 'Room and Rate Plan Summary' under the 'Other' column

4. Select 'Download a CSV file’

5. An export-to-spreadsheet option produces a file of all room types and rate plans with their corresponding hotel and product IDs

Note your property may be using Rate Plan Linkage

Rate Plan Linkage is an easy and reliable solution for efficiently managing rates and restrictions for rate plans sold on Expedia, Inc. brands. By establishing links, partners will have fewer individual rates to update.

An update to the 'parent' rate plan automatically updates the linked ‘child’ rate plan rate and restrictions based on the rules set by the user - rules such as fixed amount or percentage discounts.

You can identify the linked Room Types/Rate Plans from the Expedia mapping table. Please ensure not to send availability and rate information for linked rates as these are managed through the linkage.

What can be updated through Expedia QuickConnect®?

  • Availability, rates and booking retrieval.

What cannot be updated through Expedia QuickConnect®?

  • Compensation, taxes, fees & charges, base allocation values, cut off, content, cancellation policies cannot be exchanged through Expedia Quick Connect.

  • Per Person Fees, Base Occupancy and Max Occupancy are set manually on Expedia’s end. EVEN IF PER PERSON RATES ARE ENABLED AND SETUP WITHIN LODGIX, WE CAN ONLY PASS THE BASE RATE TO EXPEDIA. Please work with your Expedia Market Managers to setup per person pricing on Expedia.

Expedia Collect

Subscribers are strongly encouraged to use the Hotel Collect model where credit card data is passed to Lodgix and payment is then processed through the payment gateway configured within Lodgix.

However, subscribers in some countries may not have access to a payment gateway supported by Lodgix. In these instances Lodgix does support Expedia Collect model where payments are collected directly by Expedia.

If using this model, no payment information is passed between Lodgix and Expedia. Invoices are automatically created in Lodgix for new reservations from Expedia, but payment must be applied to those invoices manually in Lodgix once payment is received through Expedia.

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