Many channels are no longer supporting weekly and monthly rates, instead they allow only a nightly rate. Length of stay discounts are then setup for discounts after X of nights.

Length of Stay Discount Setup

  1. Make sure that you've navigated to the Discounts area of Lodgix

  2. Click on the Show Length of Stay button

  3. Click on the + icon to add a new LOS discount or edit an existing discount

The video above illustrates how a property manager might setup a 15% discount for stays of 7 nights or more, as well as a 30% discount for stays of 30 nights or more. Note that if weekly and monthly rates are already setup in Lodgix, the LOS discount can be set to not apply to those weekly / monthly rates as that would be equivalent to giving two discounts. Weekly and monthly rates will be utilized on those channels and your website that support weekly / monthly rates and LOS discounts will be utilized on those channel that support LOS discounts.

The video above also shows how to assign the discount to individual or groups of properties.

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