A discount can be setup as automatic or manual. An automatic discount will be triggered if a certain condition (length of stay or last minute) is met and applied to the invoice automatically.

Settings > Inventory > Discounts and Promo Codes

Example of Setting Up a Discount and a Promo Code (video)

The video below illustrates how a property manager might setup a promotion offering a 10% discount that can only be utilized by entering the promo code "springfling10" and only for bookings made before February 15, and only for travel dates in the month of March.

The video also shows how the promotion can be assigned to all properties or only to individual properties.

What a Guest Sees When Using a Promo Code for an Online Booking

If the guest has a promo code and is making a booking online, they can enter the code during the online booking process. Once the discount has been applied, some text saying "discount code successfully applied" will appear and the discount amount will be reflected in the charges window.

Turn OFF the Coupon Code Box When Booking Online

Within the Booking Page editor:


There is a setting on the left side of the screen at the very bottom for "Display coupon code option", uncheck it and the coupon code box will not be shown when guests book online.

Adding a Discount to an Invoice Manually

As long as there is a discount setup, any invoice can have that discount applied to it. Simply go the Discounts section within each property on the invoice, click on the green "+" icon, choose a discount from the drop down list and Save it. The discount will then be applied to the invoice and reflected within the rental charges for that property.

Discounts Overlap Policy

Occasionally a Length of Stay discount and a Last Minute discount will both apply to a reservation. From Settings > Important Settings > Bookings you can select how you would like to handle this situation. You can choose to apply both, only length of stay, or only last minute.

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