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VRBO Off-Platform Bookings

Understanding off platform bookings as defined by VRBO

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VRBO will assess a 10% charge for off-platform bookings.

Bookings that would be subject to the fee

There is only one situation in Lodgix that would trigger the 10% off-platform charge. That would be if the Referrer field in the Guest Control Panel is MANUALLY changed to "VRBO Lead".

This field exists to give credit to VRBO for a booking that occured off platform. Credit for converting that lead to a booking is then noted in your account at VRBO, which helps with listing ranking. 

Bookings that would not be subject to the fee

The following bookings / situations will not count as off platform bookings and will not trigger the 10% fee...

  • Bookings made via VRBO Online Booking, through the Lodgix integration. These bookings are still made on VRBO and even though payment is run outside of their site, the bookings do not count as off-platform and there will be no fee.

  • Bookings from your website that answer "VRBO" to the "How did you hear about us?" question. This data is not passed onto VRBO.

  • Any guest name information included in iCal feeds. VRBO does not use this information to match guests to searches run on their site.

  • Any bookings that did not originate through VRBO OLB. Lodgix does not and will not be sending any non-VRBO booking data to VRBO.

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