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Guest Reviews Interface

Collect reviews from your guests for display on your website.

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Guest reviews can be synced from Airbnb, collected from the guest via Hosted Forms, or manually entered into Lodgix.

This feature can be accessed from Guests > Reviews...

Guest Reviews Interface

  1. Select the date range you want to view

  2. Optionally select specific properties to display

  3. Click this icon to clone a review from one property to another

  4. Click the "+" icon to manually add a new review

  5. Optionally filter reviews from specific sources (Airbnb, Online, etc)

  6. Optionally filter reviews by language

Adding Reviews Manually

To manually add a review to to your listing, click on the "+" icon on the Reviews interface...

Select the property, enter the date, number of stars, guest name and review. Then click OK...

Airbnb Reviews

If you are integrated with the Airbnb API, reviews collected on Airbnb will automatically be added to Lodgix and displayed in this interface. You can choose to display or hide those reviews on your website through the WordPress plugin. More information on managing the reviews on your WordPress website can be found later in this article.

Collect Reviews from Guests

Reviews can be collected directly from guests using our Hosted Forms feature. More details about collecting guest reviews can be found here.

Manage Reviews on Your Website

You can control how (or if) reviews are displayed on your website. You would do this from within your WordPress admin. Navigate to Properties > Lodgix Settings > Property Details...

From there you can control the following settings...

  1. Show/Hide reviews on your property listings

  2. Show/Hide Airbnb reviews

  3. Choose a minimum star rating that you would like to display

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