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Guest Review Form

Send your guests a link to leave a review.

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Reviews can be collected from your guests using the Hosted Forms feature within Lodgix. Guests are sent a link to a form hosted at Lodgix where the guest can leave a review for their stay. This review will populate in Lodgix automatically and can be displayed on your website through the WordPress plugin.

Locating the Review Form

The review form can be found under Settings > Hosted Forms. Note that the form is not editable. It is designed to sync with the Lodgix review system and cannot be customized.

Sending a Review Link to a Guest

An email template is available to manually send a review request to a guest. You can locate and edit this from Settings > Templates > Email...

If you want to automatically send review requests to guests, you will need to setup a trigger. You can use any conditions you would like (such as sending the request to direct bookings only), just make sure to include the [GUEST_REVIEW] merge tag in the body of the email. For example...

What the Guest Sees

The [GUEST_REVIEW] tag will populate a unique link when sent to a guest...

When clicked, the guest will be taken to the hosted review form. The form will be automatically populated with the stay information. The guest can complete the Title, Rating, and Comments fields...

Managing Reviews in Lodgix

Once submitted, the review will be available within Lodgix to view and manage from Guests > Reviews...

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