Amenity Manager and Metadata

Manage amenities across all properties from one interface

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Amenities can be managed in bulk across all properties using the Amenity Manager. This interface is located under Settings > Policies and Amenities > Amenities

Amenity Manager Interface

  1. Filters: Display only specific properties, amenities, or amenity categories.

  2. Amenity Name: Displays the name of the amenity, and channels that display the amenity.

  3. Set the amenity to display for all properties

  4. Set amenities on a property by property basis

Amenity Metadata Interface

The Amenity Metadata interface can be used to add additional details about certain amenities. These details are passed to the channels that display the amenities.

For example, instead of simply passing a "Television" amenity, you can specify that the television has a 60" screen and can access Netflix.

This interface can be accessed from Settings > Policies and Amenities > Amenity Metadata

  1. Add Metadata for a new amenity

  2. List of all amenities with Metadata

  3. Assign the amenity metadata to specific properties

Add / Edit Metadata Interface

Select the Amenity, then complete the different Metadata options for that amenity. Each amenity will have a different set of options.

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