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Unified Inbox Overview

An overview of the Unified Inbox interface

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The Lodgix inquiry management system is in the process of being recoded into a Unified Inbox. The Unified Inbox will allow property managers to manage all guest communications from one centralized interface regardless of source. This includes pre-booking and post-booking communication. Communication from the channels, the guest app, your website, and email will all be included.

Phase 1 of this project introduces the Unified Inbox as an inquiry management tool only.

Unified Inbox Interface

The Unified Inbox consists of four columns or panes. They are explained in greater detail later in this documentation...

  1. Inbox Manager: Search messages and select which inbox to view.

  2. Inbox: Displays all conversation from the selected inbox. You can view open or closed conversations.

  3. Conversation Thread: Manage and respond to the selected conversation.

  4. Additional Info: Additional info about the guest, and inquiry details. You can also edit the quote or convert it to a booking.

Inbox Manager

  1. View Your Inbox OR

  2. View Unassigned conversations


  1. Select either Open or Closed Conversations

  2. Shows the number of messages in the Inbox

  3. Choose the Conversation you want to work with. More details about the conversation cards can be found below.

  4. Close the conversation with the "X" icon

Conversation Card

There is a lot of information displayed on the conversation cards. Each component is defined below...

  1. Guest name

  2. Property name

  3. Conversation age

  4. Close conversation icon

  5. Last comment

  6. Conversation type

  7. Inquiry details

Conversation Thread

  1. Details: Displays the guest name and property name

  2. Assign To: Allows you to assign the conversation to another team member

  3. Close: Close the conversation

  4. Inquiry Details: Displays the original inquiry with details about the stay, including the property, dates of stay, and guest count

  5. Conversation: All notes, responses, and messages from the guest will be displayed here.

  6. Reply Editor: Allows you to respond to the inquiry with text, images, file attachments, etc. More details about the reply editor can be found below.

  7. Send: Send the reply that you have composed.

Reply Editor

  1. Create a text reply

  2. Compose an internal note for the conversation

  3. Access and include your saved replies

  4. Attach a saved file

  5. Upload a file

  6. Insert an image

  7. Add an emoji

  8. Send the reply

Additional Info

  1. View and edit the guest information

  2. View the details of the inquiry

  3. Add and view notes about this inquiry

  4. Edit the Quote

  5. Create a Booking from the Quote

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