Assign various amenities to your property(s)

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Lodgix provides a default list of amenities that can be selected for each property. The amenity list matches the amenity list on HomeAway, except for a specific category for Airbnb only amenities.

If you are managing a larger number of properties, Lodgix offers an Amenities Manager interface that allows you to assign amenities to several properties at once. The Amenities Manager can be found under Settings > Policies and Amenities. More details can be found here.

The Amenities Interface

Amenities are edited on a per property basis from the Amenities tab of the property edit screen. Simply select the amenities that apply to the property from the categorized list

Copy Amenities from Another Property

Many times properties will have common amenities. Once the amenities are setup for one property, they can be copied to other properties...

Select the property that you want to copy from and then click the "Copy" button. Once the amenities are copied, they can be tweaked for the new property if some additions / subtractions are required.

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