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How to Unsync an Airbnb Listing
How to Unsync an Airbnb Listing

Unsyncing an Airbnb Listing and a Lodgix property is very easy.

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Once you've synced a Lodgix property to an Airbnb listing, you can manage the status of that sync from within Lodgix.

Integrated Airbnb Property Interface

  1. Click the arrow to reveal the listing status display

  2. Approval Status: Shows if the listing has been approved by Airbnb

  3. Quality Status: Any issues or errors with your Airbnb listing will be noted here

  4. Airbnb Listing Status: The current status of the listing at Airbnb. Listed or Unlisted.

  5. Lodgix Connection Status: Shows if the listing is connected to Airbnb, and the type of sync for that property (more info below)

Unsyncing a Listing from Airbnb

Click on the Lodgix Connection Status to change or stop the sync with Airbnb. You have the option to Sync Everything (including property listing data) or use the Limited Sync and sync only pricing and availability. You can then manage the listing content directly at Airbnb.

To stop the sync, select the Disconnect radio button, the click Proceed.

Remove a Listing from Airbnb

Disconnecting the sync with Lodgix does not automatically remove a listing from Airbnb, it simply stops it from syncing with Lodgix. To Unlist a property at Airbnb, click the Airbnb Listing Status Toggle...

Then click Proceed on the modal window...

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