Airbnb Address Sync Error

How to fix the Address Sync Error for Airbnb connected listings.

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Airbnb is very sensitive to matching the geo coordinates of your Lodgix listing with the geo coordinates of your existing listing on Airbnb If the geo coordinates do not match, Airbnb will produce one of these errors:

or you may notice an "Address Sync Error" in Status column next to a property on the Airbnb Integration page here:

The first step to troubleshoot this error is to click on the text "Address Sync Error" and review the listing address that is on Airbnb. The property address on Lodgix must match exactly.

Compare carefully the address (and geocoordinates) of your listing on Airbnb to your property in Lodgix. In some instances you will need to manually match the geocoordinates on your airbnb listing to your Lodgix listing.

If all else fails you will need to contact Airbnb support and work with them to get the addresses to match.

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