Calendar Sync for Airbnb

Use iCal to sync calendar data with Airbnb

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Lodgix can sync calendar data from Lodgix calendars with corresponding listings on Airbnb using iCal feeds.

Locate Lodgix iCalendar Feeds

Click on the Settings > Channel Management > iCalendar menu item within Lodgix.

To Import Lodgix iCal into Airbnb

  1. Find the property.

  2. Copy the .ics (iCalendar) Export URL provided for that property. This URL will be pasted into Airbnb.

Login to Airbnb

Steps 1 & 2 show the steps within Airbnb to locate where to enter the source calendar address from Lodgix. Click on the "Found It" button and copy / paste the iCal feed for that property from Lodgix.

To Export Airbnb iCal into Lodgix as Blocks

Obtain the iCal export URL from

Paste the iCalendar URL from Airbnb into Lodgix

Within the iCalendar area of Lodgix:

  1. Click on the "+ Add URL" button next to the property which you want to import iCal blocks from Airbnb. The window above will open.

  2. Paste the iCal export URL from Airbnb

  3. Click the Add iCalendar button

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