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Airbnb Host Cancellations

Information about cancelling Airbnb reservations from within Lodgix

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Occasionally you may need to cancel an Airbnb reservation. It is possible to do that from within Lodgix, using the guest control panel.


While it is possible to cancel an Airbnb reservation from within Lodgix, it is still frowned upon by Airbnb. You will be charged a penalty fee for every reservation you cancel. Repeated cancellations can lead to listing or account suspension. Before cancelling any Airbnb reservation we recommend that you review Airbnb's cancellation policies here:

Cancelling an Airbnb Reservation

Click on the "X" icon in the Guest Control Panel...

You will be presented with the Airbnb cancellation modal...

  1. Lodgix will use the Airbnb API to calculate the fee Airbnb will assess to you for the cancellation.

  2. Airbnb provides many predefined reasons for the cancellation.

  3. Add a message for the Guest

  4. Add a message to Airbnb

  5. Proceed

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