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Adding Properties to Lodgix

Instructions on entering your properties into Lodgix

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Property setup is the foundation of your Lodgix account. Inventory can be imported from Airbnb, copied from other properties or entered manually. This article covers the different options for adding properties. Each section of the setup wizard is covered in greater detail throughout this section of the user manual.


Importing Your Properties from Airbnb

If you already have existing listings on Airbnb, Lodgix offers a slick and efficient tool to import properties (and reviews) into Lodgix. This can save a great deal of time in the initial setup process.

Full instructions on this tool can be found here:
​Creating Properties on Lodgix from Airbnb Listings.

Setting Up Your First Property

You will setup your first property from the "Add Properties" button on the Properties > List All Properties page, or via Properties > Add a Property.

If you are importing from Airbnb, please see the link above. If you do not have existing Airbnb listings, and do not have any properties in Lodgix to Clone, you will want to select "Property Creation Wizard"

The property creation wizard will guide you through the process if you are starting from scratch. It is in your best interest to be as thorough as possible when setting up your properties... especially the first property.

Note the various tabs that you will page through to add property information. Each tab is covered in greater detail throughout this section of the user manual.

Adding Additional Properties

When creating additional properties you will have the option to clone an existing property and then edit the details, rather than starting from scratch each time.

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