Importing properties from Airbnb is a tool meant to save time.   We also offer a HomeAway property import tool. The Airbnb import tool is more comprehensive, both will get you about 90% of the way, but still require some tweaking of rates, rules, etc..

Connecting to Airbnb to import properties does NOTHING to your existing Airbnb listings.  This tool is a one-time import from Airbnb to Lodgix.   Any changes made to the Lodgix listing after importing will not be reflected on Airbnb.   We do offer that functionality when integrating to Airbnb,  importing is NOT integrating.

How to Import from Airbnb

Go to Properties > List All Properties

Click on the "+" button to add a new property

Choose "Import from Airbnb"

Conect with Airbnb

Select the properties you want to import

A list of Airbnb properties will be presented looking like this:

If an Airbnb listing has not been imported into Lodgix yet, there will only be a "-" under the Lodgix Property column.  Once imported into Lodgix,  Lodgix will grab the Airbnb property title and create a property using that title.

There is an import button at the far right of each listed property.   Each property must be imported individually into Lodgix.

View the imported properties on Lodgix

The Airbnb icon will be displayed next to any properties imported from Airbnb.  The import will not grab all rates, etc..   so there will be some configuration required.

To setup seasonality and rates it is recommended to either copy the rates and seasonality from an existing property or assign a rate template to the property.


When importing properties into Lodgix from Airbnb, reservations will NOT be imported.  Reservations will only be imported when integrating to airbnb.   T

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