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Login Access Types - Lodgix Admin App
Login Access Types - Lodgix Admin App
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Currently there are three types of roles on the Lodgix Admin app:

  1. Subscriber

  2. Super User

  3. Front Desk

  4. Cleaning Staff

The Subscriber, Super User and Front Desk have the same access type in the app.

Subscriber/Super User/Front Desk

  • A subscriber/super user/front desk access level within the Lodgix Admin app will allow you to create a new reservation, take credit card payment through Stripe, and create a block.

  • Calendar tape with reservation and housekeeper overlay.

  • Users can also view widgets that will open up and display information about upcoming reservations, arrivals, and departures.

  • Receive push notifications from Lodgix.

  • Lodgix support is available in the app and synced with and new message alerts will appear on the app as push notifications.

Cleaning Staff

  • Access to Housekeeper App.

  • Receive notifications & push notifications from Lodgix.

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