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Push Notifications - Lodgix Admin App
Push Notifications - Lodgix Admin App
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Receiving notifications are a core part of the mobile app experience and is highly recommended to have push notifications enabled for the Lodgix Admin app. This article is about push notifications. To learn more about notifications in general on Lodgix Admin click here.

To learn more about Push Notifications from Lodgix click here.

Enabling Push Notifications

  1. Go to account page and find the "Open Device Settings" button, shown in image below.

  2. Click on notifications/permissions.

    • This can vary from device and model.

  3. Toggle Allow Notifications to be enabled.

  4. (Optional) Under the Allow Notifications toggle you can customize how the push notifications will appear on your device (iOS).

  5. In Lodgix Admin App in Account Page there is a Device Section. Clicking the three dots on the device will open up details about it and allow it to be edited. Make sure to have Push Notification toggle on for your device.

Disable Push Notification Warning

If you wish to keep push notifications disabled on your device and disable the warning each time the app starts follow these steps below...

  • Open the settings/account within the side menu of the Lodgix Admin app.

  • Find the toggle for disabling the push notification warning.

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