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Reservation Payments - Lodgix Admin App
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In order to take payments through Lodgix Admin app you will need to have the Stripe payment option enabled in your Lodgix account.

No Stripe Setup

The Lodgix Admin app only using Stripe to take credit card information. If you do not have Stripe connected to Lodgix account you will only be able to complete the reservation without a credit card and will need to complete payment on

Using Stripe

When creating a reservation at the end before you are able to submit the reservation you will be presented with the option to charge a credit card for that reservation. There are four options for charing a credit card.

  1. Confirmation Amount

  2. Total with Deposits

  3. Custom Amount (anywhere from 0 to the total with deposits amount)

  4. Continue without Credit Card

Saved Payment Options

If you have a credit card saved to that guest from a prior reservation within Lodgix you will still need to re-enter the card information on the reservation form in the app if you wish to make the charge when creating the reservation. If you do not have the card number but do have it saved in Lodgix you can create the booking and select continue without credit card and then on complete the transaction with the card saved on file.

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