The Lodgix plugin requires a valid subscription which can be obtained by signing up for our free, 30 day, no credit card required, trial period.

We do provide a demo customer id and API Key, click on the "use demo id" link and those fields will populate with the demo credentials.

Here is a portfolio of select websites powered by v2.0 of the Lodgix vacation rental website builder:

Obtaining your plugin credentials from

Login to your account. If you don't have a Lodgix account, we offer a free 30 day, no credit card required trial. Signup takes less than a minute. Signup now for your free 30 day, no credit card required, trial.

Click on the Settings > Important Settings menu item (upper right corner, under the cog wheel)

Step #1 Note your User / Customer ID and enter it into the plugin settings

Step #2: Generate a v2 API Key and copy / paste into the plugin settings

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