Lodgix offers an open RESTful API that can be used by developers for custom integrations with our software.

As of October 7th, 2020, the REST API is in Beta. Changes / fixes are occurring as additional testing and beta user feedback is completed.

The specifications for the REST API are located here:


Note: While the API is in Beta you will need to be logged into Lodgix to be able to view the API specs. You can create a free trial account or you can ask your client to create an account for you within their subscription.

API Key / Token

The API will require a key that only the Lodgix subscriber can provide. It is found on this page:



Does the REST API support pagination?

Yes the REST API supports pagination by using "offset" and "limit": https://www.lodgix.com/public-api/v2/documentation/#operation/List%20all%20properties

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