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Creating a Reservation - Lodgix Admin App
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To create a reservation within the Lodgix Admin app you must be logged in as a Subscriber or Super User. Navigate to create reservation page or view calendar to start the create reservation process.

Create Reservation Page

This method is the most basic way to create a reservation within the app. You will need to fill out the following:

  • Guest information

  • Arrival and departure dates

  • Select the property

  • Any extra information that maybe needed

Guest Selection

When selecting a guest you can either create a new guest or search through all existing guests within your Lodgix account.

Selecting a Saved Guest

When working through the guest selection menu you can search an existing guest by filling in First Name, Last Name, or Email to narrow the saved guests. Tapping on a saved guest will auto fill into the name and email. Tap on continue to save the guest selected.

Creating a New Guest

To create a new guest fill out all three inputs and then click continue. The email input requires a valid email address.


The arrival and departure section requires you to select a start date then select an end date.

  • Tap on arrival date input and then a calendar will appear tap inside the calendar on a start and end date and it will auto fill into the two boxes for each date.

  • You can also enable filters on the calendar by tapping on the three lines to the right of Arrival/Departure. Enable the filter then select the property you would like to see availability for. When filters are enabled a blue bar will show on the calendar when a date has a reservation.

Select Property

The select property section can only be interacted with once an arrival and departure date have been selected. The property selection menu will display properties that are available within the dates selected and meet the requirements of number of adults, children, and pets.

Reservation Completion & Payments

Once all information has been filled in click continue under the quotes section to continue to payment/summary page. For more information about payments visit the Article about Reservation Payments. If there is an issue with the information filled in it will display a message and you will need to make sure information that is filled in is correct.

View Reservations Page

This method of creating a reservation is no longer possible. Please use the other two methods.

View Calendar Page

The view calendar page is similar to how it would be on calendar tape. First select a start and end date for a property.

Then it will display the option to edit adult and children count and will display the quote. From here you will need to tap on book now to continue with the reservation process.

It will take the information that you filled in here and populate that into the Create Reservation page. From then continue as normal from the create reservation page.

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