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Housekeeper App - Lodgix Admin App
Housekeeper App - Lodgix Admin App
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Team members that have been given the access level “Cleaning Staff” will be able to access the Housekeeping section within the Lodgix Admin App. Without the “Cleaning Staff” access level team members will not be able to see the Housekeeping section.

Download Lodgix Admin from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and login as a team member that has the “Cleaning Staff” permission.

The app is using OAuth2 authentication. OAuth2 allows the user to stay logged in indefinitely and will refresh the login session automatically.

Task List

The task list will display all cleanings scheduled for the next 30 days. It will display it in three sections: “Today”, “Next Seven Days”, and “Tasks In The Future”. Each card is one task and to view the task details tap on the task card. Each task has 4 states and corresponding colors:

  • To Do / In Future (White)

  • In Progress (Yellow)

  • Done (Green)

  • Expired (Red)

  • The task list also has a new card beside the refresh button which will display the amount of tasks for the day and how many are completed. The circle colors represent the tasks states and green is done, yellow is the in progress tasks and red is expired/to do tasks.

  • The today section is sorted by "IN PROGRESS" jobs being at the top. "COMPLETED" being at the bottom of the today section. Then jobs that are not started are listed between by date assigned.

Task Icons

  • Hourglass: A guest is arriving that day. The task needs to be completed soon.

  • Tools (Wrench and Screwdriver): Damage Notice has been submitted for that task. This can either be a description or an image of the damage.

  • Pet/Dog: Either the guest arriving or guest departing has indicated that they are bring a pet with them.

Task Details

The task details page has five components.

  • Property component which contains information about the property such as name and address with a thumbnail image of it. The address if tapped on will open up in Google Maps.

  • Guest component which will display the current guest departure date and time if the current day is the departure date and will display the same thing for the next guest with their arrival date. It will also display the amount of people with that reservation.

  • Instructions component which will display instructions that may have been created for that task.

  • Comments component and can be used by the cleaner to make comments on the task and can be done by tapping the yellow circle with a pencil in it.

  • Damage Notice component is where a housekeeper can take a photo of damage found while cleaning the property and leave comments and it is saved within Lodgix.

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