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Calendar Tape & Housekeeper Overlay - Lodgix Admin App
Calendar Tape & Housekeeper Overlay - Lodgix Admin App
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The calendar tape functionality on the Lodgix Admin app works very similar to how it works on the web with two modes for Reservations and Housekeeper.

Reservation Overlay

Subscribers can view all reservations from the calendar tape for all properties. There are different colors representing different statuses:

Paid in Full = Green

Confirmed = Yellow

Unconfirmed = Red

Block = Black

Housekeeping Overlay

Housekeepers can be assigned to properties. Additionally each housekeeping task has a type and status associated with it. This will allow various types of tasks (regular clean, half clean, owner departure clean, and out of service clean.) to be associated with the clean. Additionally, the status of the task can now be entered.

The color of the property name within the housekeeping view indicates the clean status of the property:

Occupied = purple
Dirty = red
No color = clean

All of this data becomes important because it can be updated BY THE HOUSEKEEPER from within the housekeeper section of the Lodgix Admin app, allowing housekeepers to use the app to view a task list, initiate the start of a clean, mark the end of a clean, read instructions and leave comments. All of this data is communicated from the app to Lodgix in real-time.

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