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How to add team members to Lodgix

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Adding additional users (housekeepers, front desk, managers, etc..) adds a variety of functionality to the application including issuing logins, alerting (email and SMS), and setting user access rights.

Go to the Team Members area of the application.

Team Member Login

The screenshot above shows the dashboard for each team member. Team members are setup with a login using their primary email address. Each user is then assigned to an access group which limits that user's access to Lodgix.

Team Member Details

  1. Set the team members login email address. This must be a unique email in the Lodgix system. If the team member already has a login with another property manager, an error may be generated saying that the user email already exists in the system. In that instance, a different email, or even a fictitious email could be used as only the contact email (see #2) will be used to communicate with the team member.

  2. The contact email address for team member communication.

  3. Set or change the team members password

  4. Guest Reply-to email:  This email will be used for the "reply to" field in emails that team members send to guests.

  5. Enter the team members name

  6. Choose if the team member is active or inactive

  7. Calendar Tape Options: Should the team member be able to see the guests phone numbers, email addresses, and cleaning fees?

  8. Word Order Options: Allow the team member to see all work orders, or only work orders that are assigned to them.

Team Member Access Rights

NOTE:  Housekeepers must be assigned to the Cleaning Staff group.   Membership in this group allows properties to be assigned to the housekeeper and also gives the Housekeeper access to install the Housekeeping App.

Assign Specific Properties to Cleaning Staff Team Members

For Cleaning Staff team members, access can be granted to specific properties only. This is useful if you have multiple cleaning crews that are each responsible for a certain group of properties.

  1. Click on the Properties tab

  2. Enable property permissions for this team member

  3. Assign properties to the team member

Note:  When assigning properties to a user, a window will display asking if you'd like to associate the housekeeper / cleaner with all existing invoices (reservations) in Lodgix for that property.  This can save significant time if there are many guest reservations already present in Lodgix.   For any departure or arrival to appear in the housekeeping report, a housekeeper must be assigned to that reservation.

Housekeeping assignments can be changed at anytime from the housekeeping overlay or within the housekeeping tab of the guest control panel.

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