Housekeeping Overlay

The screenshot below illustrates the existing beta calendar tape, note the red arrow pointing to the two icons. Clicking on the broom icon will switch the calendar view to a housekeeping view

Within the housekeeping overlay, housekeepers can be assigned to properties. Additionally each housekeeping task has a type and status associated with it. This will allow various types of tasks (regular clean, half clean, owner departure clean, out of service clean, etc.) to be associated with the clean. Additionally, the status of the task can now be entered.

Property Name Color Codings

The color of the property name within the housekeeping view indicates the clean status of the property:

Occupied = purple
Dirty  = red
No color = clean

All of this data becomes important because it can be updated BY THE HOUSEKEEPER from within the housekeeping app, allowing housekeepers to use the app to view a task list, initiate the start of a clean, mark the end of a clean, read instructions and leave comments. All of this data is communicated from the app to Lodgix in real-time.

In addition to the housekeeping overlay, the same data can be entered or viewed within the Guest Control Panel > Housekeeping tab for each invoice:


Each housekeeper has to be setup within the employees module area of Lodgix.  Only Housekeepers with "Cleaning Staff" access will have access to the app.

PROPERTY PERMISSIONS DO NOT NEED TO BE ENABLED.   If left unchecked,  the housekeeper will have access to all properties by default.   However there will be no auto assignment of cleanings to the housekeeper,  the exception to that is when a housekeeper is manually assigned to a reservation, Lodgix will assume that housekeeper should be assigned to all future reservations for that property.  Likewise if an alternate housekeeper is manually assigned to a subsequebnt reservation for that property, that housekeeper will become the default housekeeper for all future reservations for that property.

ENABLING PROPERTY PERMISSIONS allows a housekeeper to only have access to certain properties.  It also allows for auto-assignment of cleaning tasks.  If a housekeeper is assigned to a property, that housekeeper will be the default auto assignment for that property for all future cleanings.  

  1. Enable property permissions for the employee / housekeeper.

  2. Select which properties this employee / housekeeper can view within Lodgix.  Once assigned to a property, that employee / housekeeper will be assigned by default to that property for all future cleanings.

Proceed = All existing and new reservations not already assigned to a housekeeper will be assigned to the selected housekeeper.
New Reservations Only - As it implies, existing reservations will be left alone, only new reservations will be auto assigned to the selected housekeeper.
Assign Reservations Manually - Neither existing nor future reservations will be assigned automatically.  Housekeeping assignments will be made manually. When a housekeeper is assigned manually to a reservation, the housekeeper becomes the automatic choice for future reservations for that property. No confirmation dialog is provided for that action. 


Housekeepers will need to login to Lodgix on their mobile device and then click on the menu item link for "Housekeeping App"

The app is using OAuth2 authentication. OAuth2 allows the user to stay logged in indefinitely. This will be nice for a housekeeper who has added the app their phone as they won't be required to login each time they open the app. As long as you have signed into Lodgix, the app will only ask for required permissions.

Once the housekeeping app has been authorized, a message will be displayed on the mobile device requesting to add the app to the device's home screen. This message will look slightly different on both Android and Apple Devices.

Once the icon has been added to the home screen of your mobile device, it can be clicked on at anytime and no login will be required. The first screen displayed will be the task list. The app will display all cleanings scheduled for the next 21 days.

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