Housekeeper Checklists

Learn how to setup a checklist for a housekeeper to utilize when cleaning a property within the Lodgix Admin App.

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Cleaning checklists can be created for housekeepers from within the Hosted Forms area of Lodgix. Lodgix provides a generic checklist by default for all properties. Separate checklists can be setup for different properties.

Hosted Forms - Housekeeper Checklist

Start by navigating to Settings > Hosted Forms

Hosted Forms Interface

  1. Add a new Form or Checklist

  2. Enable or Disable the Checklist

  3. Edit an existing Checklist

Form Builder Interface

  1. Name the Form

  2. Set the type of form. This is not editable for the default Housekeeper Checklist.

  3. Assign the form to All Properties, No Properties, or specific properties.

  4. Form editor: Different form components can be selected from the interface on the left side. Those components can then be customized using the Form Editor.

  5. Settings: Shows the settings for the selected form component. These will be different depending on the component chosen.

  6. Choices: This is where you will set the content for the selected component. Again, options will be different depending on the chosen component.

Housekeeping View - Lodgix Admin App

Once the cleaning task is started, there will be an option to complete the checklist...

When that option is selected, the cleaning checklist will be displayed. The cleaner can check options as they are completed and save when done.

The checklist will show as completed within the App:

And also from the Hosted Forms > Completed Forms section of Lodgix...

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