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Damage Notices - Lodgix Admin App
Damage Notices - Lodgix Admin App
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Creating a Damage Notices

  • Using Lodgix Admin app and signed in as a Housekeeper open a cleaning task that is currently in progress. Then click the button below the Damage Notice to create a damager notice. If the task has not started you will not be able to open a damager notice.

Adding Images

  • To add images to the damage notice make sure you have allowed the app to access the device camera.

  • To add a image click the add image button.

  • After taking the photo you will can to enter a caption for the image. This is optional to fill in but may help in identifying the reason for the image. Once a caption has been filled in click save photo button to save the image with the caption.

  • Once an image is added it will display the photo and the caption of the image with an edit and delete button.

  • Edit button allows you to edit the caption on the image.

  • You can add multiple photos to the damage notice.

  • If a damage noticed is closed without submission then all data will be lost.

Submitting a Notice

  • A damage notice can only be created as long as the task is in progress. Once a task is completed the damage notice can no longer be created.

  • Damage Notices are viewable in the lodgix admin app as a housekeeper after a damage notice is submitted. Damage Notices are also viewable in the housekeeper tab in guest control panel once a damage notice is submitted.

  • Once submitted all photos, captions, and descriptions are saved in Lodgix and can be accessed by any of your devices.

  • Only one damage notice can be created per task.

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