Lodgix users can now quickly update nightly rates and minimum stay rules on Lodgix.  A process that previously could take up to 30 to 60 minutes to complete will now take seconds!!

Here is a video illustrating how the VRT works:

This video illustrates the closed for arrival and closed for departure aspect of the visual rates tape:

How to Reset Rates on the VRT

The VRT is also where rates and rules are pushed into Lodgix from dynamic pricing providers like Pricelabs and Beyond Pricing.   

When / if disconnecting from a dynamic pricing provider, you may want to start using the rates setup on Lodgix again.  If that is the case, the rates being displayed on the VRT will need to be reset.

  1. Select ALL or individual properties.

  2. Change ALL of the selected properties

Click the RESET button to clear out all rates changed on the VRT and revert back to the rates setup in Lodgix.

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