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Inquiry Templates

Setup email responses for use with the inquiry system

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The templates are the core of the inquiry management system. Your account includes multiple templates that can be used to customized your responses based on the availability of the property. These templates can be found under Settings > Email...

Default Email Response Templates

There are several default templates included with your Lodgix account...

  1. Create additional responses using the Add Responses button.

  2. Edit an existing response using the pencil icon.

  3. The revert arrow will reload the default template. If you make a mistake using the default template and want to change it back to the original, the revert arrow will allow you to do restore it to its original state.

Edit Response Interface

  1. IMPORTANT! - Each response template has two tabs... HTML and Text. The HTML tab is used for direct bookings or any booking where you have the guests actual email address. The Text tab does not allow HTML and is used for any bookings through the channels where the reservations have a pass through email address. You must make sure that there is content in BOTH tabs, not just the HTML tab.

  2. Add merge tags to your email to dynamically insert information about properties and reservations.

  3. Modify the content of the email.

  4. Save

Tips for Writing Response Templates

The templates have been designed to create maximum flexibility when responding to the guest. Here are some tips to maximize the effectiveness of your templates:

  • Make your responses conversational and write your templates in a manner that doesn't look like a system generated response.

  • Response time is crucial. Getting a great response back to the guest FAST will result in considerably more bookings. Just as important is...

  • Responding with valuable information. Guest inquiries can be tamed quite easily as 80% or more of them all request the same information (availability, pricing, quoting, more images and FAQs). Design your auto responses or auto templates to contain all of this information and you will increase your response times 100 fold while providing the right information to the guest immediately. Your bookings and guest satisfaction will skyrocket. You will be rewarded for understanding the pain of a typical VRBO / Airbnb inquiry. They've submitted a lot of inquiries and large percentages of those inquiries won't ever get a response or will get a response 1 to 3 days after the fact.

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