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Email Templates

Create email templates that can be used in your guest communication

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Email templates can be created and saved in the system for use in your guest communications. These can be accessed from Settings > Templates > Email.

Email Templates Interface

  1. Add a new email response

  2. Collapse / Expand the email categories

  3. Edit the selected email

Edit Email Interface

  1. IMPORTANT! - Each email template has two tabs... HTML and Text. The HTML tab is used for direct bookings or any booking where you have the guests actual email address. The Text tab does not allow HTML and is used for any bookings through the channels where the reservations have a pass through email address. You must make sure that there is content in BOTH tabs, not just the HTML tab.

  2. Add merge tags to your email to dynamically insert information about properties and reservations.

  3. Modify the content of the email.

Using Email Templates for Guest Communications

When sending a message to your guests, you will have the option to add your email templates to the response...

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