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Inquiry Configuration Options

Basic inquiry configuration and auto response options

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Inquiry configuration options can be found under Inbox > Inquiry Settings...

Inquiry Configuration Interface

  1. Inquiry Email Address: More of a legacy option. Each Lodgix account is issued a email address. This was historically used at the channels to forward inquiries to Lodgix. Many channels like VRBO and Airbnb now offer messaging APIs, which make this email largely unnecessary.

  2. Default Assignee: New inquiries will be assigned to a specific user by default. That can be the subscriber or any team member. Individual inquiries can always be reassigned by the default recipient.

  3. Lag Time:

  4. Auto Responder: Enabling this will fire automatic responses to the inquiries, based on the status of the property.

  5. Template Assignment: The property associated with the inquiry will have one of three statuses... Not Available, Available, or available but Rules Not Met. This section allows you to send a specific template as a response depending on the status. For example you would set a specific template to use as the response if the property is available, and a different template to use as a response if is it unavailable. More information on configuring the templates can be found here.

  6. Require Source Choice: Inquiries will have a source assigned to them. If the inquiries originate at a channel such as Airbnb or VRBO, the channel will be noted as the source. If the inquiry originates from your website, the website would be reflected as the source. For inquiries that are manually added to Lodgix, you can create and assign different source options, such as Phone. This option allows you to enforce a source choice at the time the booking is created in Lodgix.

  7. Default Source: Choose the default source.

  8. Sources: Add additional custom inquiry sources.

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